Ian Mesa

Senior UX Designer


I am a Senior UX designer, team lead and avid sneakerhead based in San Fransisco, CA

Born and raised in the western Pacific island of Guam, I grew up with an appreciation for a variety of styles, tastes and sensibilities. I have always been drawn to the process of taking something old, tarnished or potentially forgotten and transforming it into something special. I am passionate about solving problems through design.

Throughout my career, I have built strong relationships with cross-functional teammates and it has allowed me to work collaboratively to solve ambiguous problems. I am usually the first to the whiteboard to work through a problem, and within my current role at Google, I am trusted to generate ideas and solutions which address a broad set of user needs, technical constraints and product requirements.

Outside of design, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Amy, close friends and my wonderful family. I’ve been known to be quite opinionated when it comes to BBQ and have developed quite the obsession with retro Air Jordan sneakers. All in all, I enjoy the little things, sweat the details and have developed a love for working alongside people who challenge me to be my best.